Men's Health

Treatment Specializing in genital pain, groin area pain, erectile dysfunction and impotence

Dr. Diana Tong Li and Dr. Franklyn Chen, Drs. of Acupuncture, Drs. of Naturopathy, Drs. of Traditional Chinese Medicine at S-T/L-C Acupuncture & Natural Medicine Clinics have been treating thousands of of patients over the past 25 years for various medical conditions. Our patients have great results, and our treatments are among the best because we use natural therapy without medications, pain, or side effects. Dr. Diana Li and Dr. Franklyn Chen specialize in treating sexual dysfunction, groin and genital area pain, impotence and erectile dysfunction. Dr. Li and Dr. Chen recognize that men's sexual health and having normal sexual function plays an important role in a man's life, a family's happiness, and in our society. They believe in the holistic treatment of each individual and that sexual health should not be ignored.

Treatment approach involves a medical history intake and consultation with Dr. Li or Dr. Chen in which they determine an appropriate treatment course for each individuals situation. Treatment can involve a combination of acupuncture, herbalism, and massage therapy. They have aided several patients in restoring sexual function and decreasing genital pain from conditions which have been caused by car accidents, work-related injuries, and nerve damage. Areas often treated in these conditions are the abdominal, genital, groin area, and inner thighs.

Focus of treatment changes according to Dr. Diana Li's holistic assessment of the patient's condition. Each treatment program focuses on the meridians (energy pathways) and acupuncture points. Dr. Diana Li designs each treatment to treat the root of the cause which will in turn alleviate the symptoms of each individual and restore sexual function. Dr. Diana Li's treatment approach addresses each patient in a way that aids in improving their condition in the short term and long term.

Many patients with groin area problems and many other conditions have benefited from this treatment; one patient had severe genital area pain and erectile dysfunction for many years prior to receiving treatment at L-C Acupuncture. After regular treatments under Dr. Diana Li's care he now has an improved quality of life, minimal genital area pain and improved sexual function. Another patient had a work-related injury which left him with groin, hip and genital area pain which medications did not alleviate completely. Now with regular treatments he can complete more daily activities, has significantly less genital, groin, and hip area pain and takes less medication on a daily basis than before receiving treatment. Several other patients have already improved their conditions from treatments provided by Dr. Diana Li and Dr. Franklyn Chen.

At S-T/L-C Acupuncture and Natural Medicine Clinics we also treat many other male conditions or illnesses including internal organ disorder and imbalance. When helping men we always recommend an initial consultation so that the doctors can thoroughly understand the patient's medical history, current condition, and personality.

After the initial consultation, testing may be necessary. At the S-T/L-C Clinics we offer a variety of both high tech and traditional natural testing techniques such as Vega Allergy testing, organ function testing, and live blood cell testing to determine the cause of the illnesses and the conditions.

The Vega Allergy Test can detect allergies and sensitivities to more the two hundred different items such as: foods, pollen, mold, chemicals, animal hair, and dental material. It can also identify hidden allergies. The Vega Testing is accurate, safe, and painless. After identifying sensitive items it is easy to set up a personalized diet plan and treatment program. The Vega Test determines the suitability of vitamins, minerals, herbs and Homeopathic Remedies that you are taking.

The Organ Function Test identifies the source of the illness at the organ level. It determines which organs have a functional disorder or imbalance. Like the Vega Allergy Test, the Organ Function Test is also accurate, safe, and painless.

The Live Blood Test allows the Doctors to check the patient's health on a cellular level. The patient can view digestive patterns, nutritional deficiencies, and immune system problems live on screen. From a small finger prick the fats and proteins in the bloodstream can be seen as well as any vitamin, mineral, and enzyme deficiencies. The white blood cells can be monitered in action and yeasts and parasites can be spotted.

After the consultation and the testing we then throughly understand the patient's condition. We can develop a personalized treatment program which not only treats the symptoms but the disease, the source of the disease, and the whole person. The treatments may include Acupuncture, Cupping Therapy, Massage Therapy, Acupressure Massage, Herbology, Reflexology, Reiki energy work, and many others. We have successfully treated many patients with this regime of treatments.

The Cupping Therapy is an ancient technique designed specifically to increase circulation and regulate internal organ function. This unique treatment heats air inside cups which when applied to the back bilaterally creates suction. This suction works to regulate the internal organs, the nervous system, and the glandular system. It also removes excess tension from the muscles supporting the spinal column. This helps improve many musculo-skeletal pain conditions.

Using the multitude of different test and treatment techniques Dr. Diana Li and Dr. Franklyn Chen have helped many patients to improve their overall health and well being, eliminating breathing problems, pain, digestive disorders, harmful addictions, fatigue, depression, and many other conditions.

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