Infertility & Chinese Medicine

Infertility is defined as the inability to conceive after two years of trying. When a couple is unable to conceive a child, it can be heartbreaking. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) offers hope to the childless couple by establishing harmony within the body.
The benefits of acupuncture and TCM for conception problems can be found in early Chinese medical literature dating back to 11 A.D. Not only does traditional Chinese medicine improve the probability of becoming pregnant, it also serves to enhance the function of the whole body. This holistic health approach provides a key to unlocking unlimited potential in healing. This is especially important for people over 40 as it stimulates overall health which in turn affects reproductive health.

If they so choose, couples (both the man and the woman) can undergo a complete Western medical reproductive work-up to determine the cause of their infertility. Western medical methods for treating infertility are highly technical and expensive. Recent reports indicate a relatively low success rate with Western medicine, making alternative methods, such as TCM, seem more attractive.

Traditional Chinese medicine can be used to strengthen and balance general health so that Western medical infertility treatments are more effective. TCM can also minimize the undesired side effects and accumulated toxicity from invasive procedures and drug therapies. Of course, TCM for infertility can be used alone or integrated with Western medical techniques.
Traditional Chinese medicine treats infertility on the basis of a careful differential diagnosis to resolve underlying patterns of disharmony. There is either a "deficient" condition that leads to poor nourishment of the body and organs or an "excess" condition that obstructs the organs and meridians (energy channels).

Fertility is seen as dependent on the harmonious balance of several factors; your Qi, Yin, Yang and Blood must all be in balance. Your TCM practitioner will thoroughly examine your overall health to pinpoint where imbalances lie; and your treatment is always individualized. In addition to acupuncture and taking herbs, lifestyle changes are crucial-proper diet, stress reduction and regular exercise need to accompany treatment. Everything you do to better your chances will be worth the effort.
On a personal note, we have two good friends, both in their 40's, who wholeheartedly attribute getting pregnant and having healthy babies with the aid of acupuncture and Chinese herbs. A wonderful success story for both of them!